On August 12th, 2011, I wandered deep into the Sonoran Desert of Arizona. After four hours of throwing up, I threw down a gauntlet. To define and use a different word every day and record the same for posterity.

Once I had caught I ride back in to Phoenix on the back of a wandering donkey, I sat down for my first recording session. Easy peasie, said I. Turns out doing anything 365 days a year (366 truth be told – I’m still bitter about you February 29th) is a really fucking hard peasie. But dammit I did it.

Like all of my favorite projects ( see Commonwealth Flats ), Listen to the Word of the Day (or LTTWOTD as I affectionately began calling it in between my fitful bouts of exhaustion induced fever dreams) was a fantastic creative success and bitter financial failure. All is still right with the world.

It was with great sadness that I concluded the series on August 14th, 2012. Although some of the hardest work I’ve ever done, it was also some of the most rewarding.

May you enjoy it with my best wishes and warm regards, and thank you for listening.

– Guy, January 25th 2012